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At Global Partners we take care of your requests to meet your expectations and make them become real. We work with you to keep your community motivated and energised with a great team with the ability to do everything our customers / partners need at any time. We are available 24/7 to manage and assist you in any service you may require all around the globe:


We will help you with transfers in / out of the city, transfers to different activities or any other transportation needs that may arise during the event.


We believe that the accommodation of guests is of important value after an intense day of work, which is why with your help we will find the ideal place for the rest and comfort of all attendees. From 5-stars luxury, trendy boutique hotels to convention specialists, country lodgings and budget properties.


We propose unique venues for special events, exclusive and amazing places you would have never thought would possibly hold a meeting and places that you will fall in love with immediately. You can host an event in a luxury hotel or a palace or medieval convent;or hold it in the open-air or in a mountain bungalow. The sky is the limit.


We organize traditional gala dinners, with a touch of glamour and distinction or different and surprising experiences in which we will capture even the most discerning palates, because we think food is a key element to satisfy the audience in meetings and a happy palate makes an event prevail in the memory of guests.


Banquets of any kind, from new product launches, Christmas dinners, promotions or farewell events … because we know special and important moments must be celebrated and shared in a unique way.


We offer a technical team to help you with the set-up and optimization of space from the initial preparation and brain-storming to the implementation of the event itself.


Our highly qualified staff will listen to your needs and will set them above everything, because we know you have great ideas and together, we can make a memorable and successful event.


Every event needs to find a balance between learning, outreach and entertainment, which is why we offer many reliable partners who will help you perform activities of all kinds. You will be able to have a great time with Tai chi, laughter therapy workshops, dancing, stretching, water sports … any activity is possible and together we will find the one most suitable  for each particular meeting.


We can propose any other service that may be required, granting the event with a touch of distinction and tailor-made finesse. We can hire a personal assistant, masseuse, translator, interpreter, coach or any other idea that comes up can be enacted.


Corporate Social Responsibility is our permanent commitment at Global Partners which represents our engagement to evaluate ways and means to actively contribute with the social, economic and ecological development of the cities we work in.

We are fully conscious of the fact that our clients when planning an event think of sustainable programs and this in turn affects our planning. Our contribution starts in the office where we recycle everything and save energy. On the other hand, we also offer our clients new “green” activities within their programmes. We work with suppliers that take into account as much as possible, the impact on nature and which are making headway in order to be sustainable.